Nutritional Consultation

You will begin your baseline nutritional consultation by completing an in-depth electronic questionnaire.  This questionnaire will assist me in understanding your daily lifestyle and dietary habits.  After you complete your questionnaire,  we will set up a time to speak either through email, phone or facetime to discuss possible deficiencies. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations can then be made to address any nutritional deficiencies that could be correlated to many common health problems. Learn how to encourage a healthy organ system by supporting your unique needs. Find out what the Nutritional Therapy process looks like here.  

What's included for new clients?
  • An Initial Interview
  • A review of your food and mood journal
  • Nutritional Analysis & Evaluation
  • Nutritional, Supplement & Lifestyle Recommendations
  • 5 Day Dinner Guide Download
  • E-mail and Text Support
Follow up options available for existing clients

Grocery store tour

Could your confidence use a boost when it comes to making healthy food choices while at the grocery store? Not sure how to navigate through the grocery store aisles? Let me take you on a grocery store tour and show you where to start in making healthy choices. Available in the Dallas and surrounding area only.

  • Aisle by aisle you will learn about new products and ingredients in your store of choice
  • Learn how to read nutrition and ingredient labels
  • Gain the knowledge and tools to build a healthy grocery shopping list and cart
  • Learn to the difference between words such as cage free, pastured, organic, non-gmo, grass fed and grass finished.
  • Learn how to choose the best quality foods that fit into your current budget

In the Kitchen 101

Eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult with a pantry stocked full of processed, poor quality sugary foods. Together we can sort through your pantry and fridge and decide what is right for you and what is preventing you from reaching optimal health. We can discuss what goals you have for yourself and your family and how I can help make this happen for you. Available in the Dallas and surrounding area only.

  • Learn how to prepare a new healthy recipe or we will recreate a family favorite with health swaps
  • Learn what foods should be staples in your pantry and your fridge
  • Learn what unhealthy foods can be swapped out for a healthy alternative
  • Learn about sugar and artificial sweeteners, healthy and rancid oil, processed or properly prepared foods.

Meal Planning

Don’t have the time or desire to plan your meals for the week? Let me create a meal plan for you. By planning meals ahead of time you can save time in the grocery store, eliminate the need to pick up fast food on the way home from work and save money by only buying ingredients you need for the week.   

What's included?
  • 5 days of meals planned for you
  • Includes meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack
  • A grocery shopping list ready to print & take to the store
  • Can be customized for meal preference or need (ie: gluten free, keto, macronutrient planning, etc)

Disclaimer – A nutritional assessment or any of the above services are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat but are meant to help support your optimal bio-individual health. ​