Due to the fact that we live several states apart, I haven’t been able to physically train with Holly. I have, however, been fortunate enough to utilize Holly’s insatiable knowledge on the nutritional aspect. Additionally, Holly helped calculate the percentage of macro nutrients I should be consuming daily, along with several nutritional ideas to fulfil each macro where I may be lacking. Whether you’re looking for a solid workout or to change your nutritional habits, Holly B. is stellar resource.

~Andi B.


Training with Holly was exactly what I needed to get on track for a healthy lifestyle. She customized an exercise plan for me that matched my interests and personal goals. Holly is encouraging, friendly and efficient. Just right for trying new things, building confidence, and getting results. Thanks, Holly!

~ Jana G.


Holly has been my trainer since August and I can’t say enough great things about her. She is always so encouraging. She challenges me each workout, but also doesn’t make me feel bad when I can’t do something. We’ve yet to repeat a workout, which has been great because it keeps sessions new and exciting. I’ve learned my way around the gym because she’s taken the time to show me how the machines work and helps me understand what each one works on, which has really helped my confidence! I really look forward to our sessions. She truly takes the time to get to know you personally and I believe really cares about your goals and personal life. It’s rare to find a trainer that works with you as much as Holly has with me and puts so much effort into helping me reach all my goals. Thank you Holly for being so great!

~Candiss A.


Holly is an awesome trainer! She definitely has challenged me with every work out, I always leave the gym exhausted and sweaty and I wouldn’t want it any other way because that’s why I hired a trainer to push me to my limits! You will get that with Holly and I highly recommend her!!


I met Holly for a consult fitness test and she was everything I had been wanting to find in a personal trainer! She makes you feel like you totally got those extra reps she is asking you to do, but at the same time does not make you feel like a horrible person if you can’t do an exercise. As a new mom I gained quite a bit of weight during my pregnancy and I was coming into the fitness session with a lot of insecurities about what I would be facing. I had no need to feel that way, Holly pushes you in meeting your fitness needs! She is an expert at finding what works for your body and is a genuine person to boot. I find myself looking forward to interesting and challenging workouts. So if your thinking about dipping your toe in the fitness pool or are already a seasoned fit badass I would still recommend Holly hands down every time!

~Kristina R.