On The Go Healthy Snacks

Here are a few of my favorite on the go snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated or in a lunchbox. Most of these are perfect mid-meal snacks for stashing in your purse or in the car for those meetings that run late or road trips that drag on!

  1. Fruit Sticks – A great treat for when you are in the mood to snack on something crunchy. Better for you than snacking on a bag of chips! Freeze dried fruit works also.
  2. Pistachios – Another great option for when you are in the mood to munch on salty foods. The pistachios with the shells on are a better option as this slows you down so you can shell the pistachio before you eat it! Your mind has time to catch up with your stomach and realize you are full when you slow down to shell the pistachios.
  3. Kind Bar – A real food bar that has a decent amount of protein and minimal ingredients. Many options for flavors in their regular bar, breakfast bar, mini bar or healthy grain bar. They even have a vegan option in their fruit bites.
  4. Lara Bar – Another great line of products with minimal ingredients, but all real food ingredients. My favorite is adding Lara Bar mint chocolate bites into vanilla yogurt. A new favorite of mine is the Almond Butter Chocolate Chip bar, it tasted exactly like a cookie! These also may be a great option for those who are trying to stay in Ketosis.
  5. Quest Bar – This is a great protein bar to have stashed in the car for those days when you are ravenous and forget your lunch! Some flavors (like Brownie) are even better when left in the car to warm up a bit. They get nice and soft and resemble a dessert.
  6. Almond or Peanut Butter Squeeze Pack – Justin’s makes a super convenient squeeze pack of almond butter that I usually keep a stash of to carry with me to work or for outings. Squeeze this onto an apple, banana, rice cake, etc for a protein boost. This is a road trip essential for my family. Most gas stations now have some sort of apple or banana option that you can get to pair this squeeze pack with.
  7. Produce – (not pictured) This really should be #1! This is obviously not something that can be wedged in your purse or sitting in the car in the heat for extended periods of time, but can be left in the car if you know you are going to be traveling for the better portion of a day. Try an apple, banana or grapes.
  8. RX Bar – The ultimate minimal ingredient snack bar! Just like the company promises, one look at the wrapper and you know what you are fueling your body with. Dairy, soy and gluten-free. My favorite is the Coffee Chocolate bar broken down and added to plain yogurt. BONUS: They have a kids line of products. RX Kids Bars are proportioned to kids size.
  9. Krave Jerky – (not pictured) A snack that punches a ton of flavor. Not your typical overly dry flavorless beef jerky. Beef, Turkey, Pork, Sage, Lime, Chili…. the flavor options and ingredient profile are endless.
  10. Protein Shake – I like to keep a shaker bottle with only protein powder handy in the car. This would be ideal when you know you are going to be at a gathering or lunch where you may be eating a meal that is not ideal for your goals. Having a protein shake before you head into this event will help fill you up before you even start looking at your not so healthy lunch options. At the moment, my favorite protein powder is PEScience White Chocolate Mint.
  11. Epic Bar or Bites – A meat and egg white based bar that adds in dried fruit and spices. Think of a twist on beef jerky, but better for your body.
  12. Water – Always carry a water bottle with you! Ideally, we should all be consuming at least half our body weight in ounces of water each day. Dehydration can cause all kinds of things such as headaches, dizziness, dry skin, muscle cramps, increased heart rate, etc. So drink up! If you are sick of water and need another something else to drink that is ok for your body, see my suggestions here.

Other not so portable snack ideas can be found here.

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