Custom Meal Plan

Do you have the desire to eat healthy meals but don’t have the time to set up a meal plan before heading to the grocery store? Let me save you the time of sorting through online recipes!

With a custom meal plan you have a few plan options. 

First, you can opt to only have your meal plan for dinners for the family. This dinner only plan would include one week (5 days) of dinners planned only (total of 5 meals) and a grocery shopping list to go along with it. Meals can be planned for you in accordance with dietary restrictions (gluten free, keto, paleo, etc) and customized to the number of family members this will feed. 

 Your other options is for one week (5 days) of meals planned (3 meals per day) and a grocery shopping list to print and bring with you to the store. As with the dinner only plan, this daily plan will 

Example of meals
  • Pesto egg bake
  • Southwest breakfast wrap
  • Crunchy asian chicken salad
  • Spicy shrimp over zucchini noodles
  • Gluten free taco pasta skillet
  • Paleo sweet tuna salad
  • Savory sloppy joe's
  • Bison bolognese sauce over cauliflower rice
  • Hearty roasted red pepper and tomato soup
  • Pork and Pineapple "fried" rice (cauliflower rice)

In home meal prep

Do you have an aversion to being in the kitchen? Maybe you just aren’t very good with cooking or maybe you just don’t have the time you wish you did for cooking. Let me help!

With my in home meal prep plan, we will begin with an over the phone or in person consult so I can learn what your preferences are for food, or if you have any limitations or restrictions (gluten free, paleo, keto, AIP, whole 30, macro tracking, etc). Then I will come to your home and prepare a nutritious and tasty meals for you or your family. All meals will be packaged up so they are ready to be warmed up when you need a meal. Meals can be for one individual or ready to heat up for the family. 

Meal prep costs begins at $20/meal with a minimum of 3 meals. Payment for the meal prep will need to be paid ahead of time. An invoice for groceries will be sent to you after purchase for my reimbursement

Grocery store tour

Could your confidence use a boost when it comes to making healthy food choices while at the grocery store? Not sure how to naviagate through the grocery store aisles? Let me take you on a grocery store tour and show you where to start in making healthy choices. Available in the Dallas and surrounding area only.

  • Aisle by aisle you will learn about new products and ingredients in your store of choice
  • Gain the knowledge and tools to build a healthy grocery shopping list and cart
  • Learn to the difference between words such as cage free, pastured, organic, non-gmo, grass fed and grass finished.
  • Learn how to choose the best quality foods that fit into your current budget

Kitchen clean out

Eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult with a pantry stocked full of processed, poor quality sugary foods. Let me help you decide what is an ok food and what foods have to go! We can sort through your pantry and fridge together and discuss what goals you have for yourself and your family and how I can help make this happen for you. Available in the Dallas and surrounding area only.

  • Learn the difference between foods made with high quality oils that are good for you and foods that are made with highly processed low quality rancid oils.
  • Learn what foods should be staples in your pantry and your fridge
  • Swap out unhealthy foods with a healthy alternative
  • Learn about sugar and artificial sweeteners, healthy and rancid oil, processed or properly prepared foods.