beef heart jerky

Beef Heart Jerky

Beef heart… yep can’t believe I just cooked this, ate it and enjoyed it. A fellow Nutritional Therapy Student made beef heart jerky at a workshop we went to not too long ago. She didn’t tell me this is what it was before I ate the jerky but it was amazing! I tried her recipe yesterday and it turned out really well and my kids even ate it and didn’t hate it!

Why beef heart? Beef heart and other organ meats are vitamin and nutrient powerhouses with 4x higher in CoQ10 among other nutrients. The most important reason for me to try this was because “like heals like”. Many traditions support the idea of using nutrient of animal organs to support our own health. With heart issues running strong in my family, I figure I better start supporting my own heart health!

CoQ10 – plays a huge role in energy production and prevention of oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress has been linked to disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and heart disease. CoQ10 has also been linked to the prevention of migraines, artery health, and heart conditions. CoQ10 is available in supplement form, but can more efficiently be obtained from organ meats of animals. Specifically heart, liver, and kidney.

Vitamin D – Organ meat also has some of the highest naturally occurring levels of Vitamin D. Vital for Immunity.

Vitamin B12 – A nutrient that can only be found from animals and not plants. Vital for adequate nerve function and supportive of memory, energy and mood.

Amino Acids – organ meats are high in amino acids, vital for all body function. The heart is also higher in collagen and elastin compared to other meats (even grass-fed). Collagen and elastic are needed for joint and connective tissue repair and support.

The list goes on but these are a few of the most important aspect of organ meat benefits. Have you tried any organ meats? Next up for me to try is liver.

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