Approved Drinks

Maybe you are trying to kick the soda or coffee habit and need something to substitute. Of course, water is the best option. However, being real, we all like to have something besides water now and again. Here are a few suggestions:

Nuun Hydration Tabs – Get a burst of flavor with added vitamins and electrolytes. Some variations even have caffeine added, a great sub for multiple cups of coffee a day.

Mineral Water – Sparkling mineral water can help you kick the soda habit. If you like the carbonation that soda provides, this may mimic that feeling. Mineral water has the added benefit of the minerals found in the water aiding in your digestion.


Kombucha – a new favorite of mine! Yes, this does sound a little like a hippie in a bottle. However, it’s sweetened tea with beneficial probiotics for gut health, immune boosting properties, aids in digestion, helps to detoxify your system and it tastes great!

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