My Story


National Academy of Sports Medicine  
Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist

I am a fitness enthusiast, wife and mother of two amazing girls among many other things.  My love of fitness began when my kids were young.  Running became a way for me to clear my head from the everyday stresses of life, have “me” time and enjoy my surroundings.  After a running injury, I turned to weightlifting with the guidance of my husband to fix a muscular imbalance that was causing me pain while running.  As nervous and intimidated as I was, my husband introduced me to the gym scene.  I slowly advanced from a self-proclaimed cardio queen to loving weightlifting.

From there on out I continued to find confidence in myself in fitness and many other aspects of my life.  After learning the basics of a typical weightlifting routine and seeing changes in my strength and body that I loved, I wanted to know more.  Not just different workout routines, I wanted to learn the “why” of workout progression and everyday nutrition.  I enrolled in National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Certified Personal Training Course to learn more.


Along the way I started to experiment with high quality foods instead of the packaged convenience food my family was used to eating on a regular basis.  Eventually, after watching many cooking shows and a few years of practicing cooking,  I received a few requests from friends and family for recipes to cook. I decided to create a home for my recipes to live in online.  My husband and kids also asked that I create a website or cookbook with my recipes, so they can make these same meals.

After noticing what a difference it made to my overall health when I stopped eating processed and packaged food, I wanted to know the “why” of this as well. So I took a Fitness Nutrition Specialist class to learn more. Now I love helping others learn what their own kind of healthy is. Finding a balance of what foods and activity levels work for each individual person and their goals is my passion!